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Vaddio Product Integration Vital Part of Award-Winning Restaurant Installation 

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Vaddio Product Integration Vital Part of Award-Winning Restaurant Installation 
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Vaddio Product Integration Vital Part of Award-Winning Restaurant Installation 
AVI-SPL Incorporates Vaddio Equipment into STATS Sports Restaurant AV Project

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Vaddio, the leading manufacturer and OEM distributor of camera control systems, supplied the award-winning, Atlanta-based STATS Sports Restaurant with multiple camera solutions for its 70+ monitors, touch panels and preview monitors placed throughout the building.

The ultimate goal of the hospitality project was to create a seamless integration of technology and systems, yet keep it simple enough to leave control to the end-users.

"We’ve always had great success using Vaddio products so we knew they would be perfect for this application," says Bill Smedley, project engineer for AVI-SPL, the venue’s system integrator. "Vaddio’s products are user-friendly, so there is no in-depth training -- anyone can use them. When you press the button on their equipment, it actually does what is says it’s going to do.

Vaddio’s Long-Range DomeVIEW 70 systems are placed throughout the venue’s five bars located on three levels. The live video feeds are then incorporated into a variety of other sources including sports games and computer-generated images for advertising, logos, daily specials and upcoming events. Picture-in-picture allows combinations from the DomeVIEW cameras to be displayed on any of the monitors and projectors located throughout the restaurant. Streaming encoders can deliver the video over the Internet.

During special remote broadcasts, Atlanta’s Sports Radio 790 The Zone broadcasts live from a glass-enclosed booth specifically designed for the station’s private use. Situated in the center of the restaurant’s main level, passers-by can sneak a peak at the pro athletes being interviewed, while Vaddio’s DomeVIEW 70 camera system allows dine-in patrons to watch the televised broadcasts throughout the entire restaurant.

Vaddio’s ProductionVIEW FX camera control and video mixing console distributes the selected camera sources to the switch.

"We needed the ability to control multiple cameras and route through one switch," explained Smedley. "Vaddio’s ProductionVIEW FX allows the Video DJ control of multiple cameras, the capability to preview all of the camera inputs at once and cue the output for sourcing to the switch. This way, they know exactly what each camera is seeing and the ability to preview the output mix to the switch. The seamless integration of ProductionVIEW FX and the DomeVIEW 70 cameras made the installation process quick and easy."

"We have never had any complaints when it comes to Vaddio products."