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Professional audio solutions that improve intelligibility and participation for effective meetings: wired, wireless and multimedia conference microphone systems, simultaneous interpreting, assistive listening, and a multichannel streaming and recording solution. We work with system integrators and consultants to design the best system configuration and ensure impeccable project delivery.

Model: Virtual Council

Media Vision has developed Virtual Council to hand local councils the power to run in–person, remote, or hybrid sessions more effectively.
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Media Vision SLAMS Audio with Innovative Poetry Contest
Posted on Wednesday, October 2, 2019
Media Vision SLAMS Audio with Innovative Poetry Contest

Media Vision has found a cutting-edge way to spread the message that “audio matters”: the company’s spoken word poetry contest features four artists videotaped expressing soulful insights on the value of audio in shaping human life and experience. All performances can be viewed on Media Vision #AudioMatters! Poetry Slam project page, with online voting now open for all to get involved.

Media Vision’s goal is to bring audio back as the prime focus in meeting environment design, to facilitate quick and accurate communication. Inspired by this TED Talk (2012, Julian Treasure: "Why architects need to use their ears"), the Audio Matters campaign was implemented through a series of art projects: first a self-expression wall at the InfoComm booth in 2015, second a slam poetry contest, and another undisclosed project in store for 2017.

“We strive to find nontraditional ways to promote the message of audio intelligibility” says Annabelle Gazzo, Director of Marketing at Media Vision, “Not only are these art projects impactful for our industry, they are also a source of great inspiration for our internal team that reflect our dynamic and diverse company culture”.

The first Audio Matters art project by Media Vision, their InfoComm self-expression wall, truly captured inspiration with 85 original contributions from show attendees. A few highlights include "Audio matters because it's where emotion lives" or “How can I help you, if I cannot hear what you need”.

Now with their poetry slam, Media Vision has given complete freedom to four spoken word artists selected within the New York City scene, to find original and perceptive angles to the question of “why audio matters?”. Media Vision is inviting all viewers to vote on the best performance and spread the news. The contest will run between July 1st and July 15th, 2016. The winning artist will receive extra recognition and compensation and voters will have a chance to win tickets to a local performance of their choice.

Check out the Media Vision website to get more information about the contest and for a chance to watch and vote on these phenomenal video!