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Model: TES-5600MB/02P

The TES-5600 series by TAIDEN is a high fidelity voice amplification solution for the presenter or instructor with all the advantages of infrared over RF: inherently secure transmissions, no interfere
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Posted on Wednesday, May 20, 2009

San Francisco, CA, May 20, 2009 -- Media Vision USA has announced it will demonstrate the TAIDEN
fully digital Interpreter Unit. The TAIDEN HCS-4385K2 Interpreter Unit, with its excellent quality and
design, will be on display and demonstrated at the Media Vision USA booths during the InfoComm
2009 in Orlando, Florida.

The TAIDEN HCS-4385K2 fully digital Interpreter Unit brings the latest in digital technologies to the
simultaneous interpretation system. The TAIDEN HCS-4385K2 features a 256x64 LCD for display of text
information including the five relay language channel inputs, the three language channel outputs (A, B,
and C), text messages sent from an event organizer, and quick set up of the unit. The addition of an ICCard Reader adds extra security to the meetings as only authorized IC-Cards will unlock the Interpreter
Unit from its stand-by setting. The gooseneck microphone is detachable and the built-in loudspeaker is
automatically muted when the microphone is activated. The most noticeable change for the new
interpreter unit is the sleek new table-top design. The HCS-4385K2 is both smaller and lighter with
more features and better adaptability to the changing needs of multi-lingual conferences.

Taiden HCS-4385K2 is the new component in the TAIDEN digital Infrared Language Distribution System
which also includes the HCS-5100 Series (IR Receivers and Radiators for non-participating members),
and the HCS-5300 Series (IR Conference Microphones and IR Transceivers). The HCS-4385K2 can also
be used with TAIDEN’s flagship conference solution, the HCS-4100 Series (wired conference
microphones with language interpretation, electronic voting, camera follow audio, and more).

“The addition of more quick select keys for relay interpretation is going to make larger events that
much easier to manage from the interpreter position,” said Andrew Murphy, Product Engineer of
Media Vision USA. “We think the new design will appeal to the users and allow them to perform their
job to the best of their ability.”


The TAIDEN HCS-4385K2 will be available throughout the existing Media Vision USA representation network in North America


About Media Vision USA
Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Media Vision USA is the lead provider of conference
microphone discussion systems, electronic voting, and simultaneous interpretation to the audio-visual
industry. Media Vision USA has provided state of the art systems for such customers as colleges, city
councils, banks, corporate boardrooms and the United Nations. Additional information can be found